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You could be earning good money sooner than you think.

It’s really easy to start a handyman business…


See what you need to get started


… but it’s another thing entirely to build a business that earns you a decent living for years.


With over 15 years experience running his own handyman business, Mike Chester, the Handyman Mentor can offer guidance to help you – 

> Cut through the hassle of starting a business

> Focus on what’s really important  

> Start earning money fast

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What does a handyman do?

A Handyman is someone who does smaller maintenance, repair, or home improvement jobs for people in their own homes.

You’d be amazed at how many people are out there trying to find a handyman

Don’t take Mike’s word for it, just ask your neighbours

It could be you!

Is a handyman expected to do everything?

It’s your business.

You decide what kind of jobs you are able to do.

Only take on work you can do well.

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about handyman jobs

The most important thing you will need to

start your own handyman business

The skills to do a decent job.

You don’t have to be an expert, or a trained craftsman. If you have reasonable DIY skills and are used to doing smaller jobs around your own home, then you are well placed to help other people.

Your background doesn’t matter

So long as you can do a decent job and want to have a go, then the job you used to be doing really makes no difference.

Other things you will need as you

to start your business…

A general purpose tool kit

If you have been doing jobs in your own home, then it is likely you already have enough to get started. 

A vehicle to get you around.

It doesn’t have to be anything special.

Some simple advertising

Find a way to tell the world you are in business – it doesn’t have to be an advertising masterpiece. 

Some insurance.

Business insurance for your vehicle, and Tradesman Public Liability insurance.

And that’s enough to get you working!

But before you rush into it

3 Key questions to ask before you start working


What jobs are you going to do?


What will be your working area?


How much will you charge for your work?

You will of course have loads of other questions as well – such as


Who will I work for?


What records do I keep


How much can I pay myself


What about the tax man?


What is turnover and profit?


What about VAT?

Mike Chester - your handyman mentor

Mike Chester, your Handyman Mentor can talk you through these and any other questions you may have so you can get your priorities right

The advantages of mentoring

Whatever your questions and concerns, it’s going to be easier to make progress when you can discuss them with someone who has already been in your sithation and knows how to get things going.

What happens during a mentoring session with Mike?

Connect through video chat

You will talk to Mike directly using online video chat/conferencing. The conversation you have is entirely confidential – Mike will not share your details with anyone else.

Each mentoring session lasts for half and hour.

Talk about whatever you want

You will get the chance to talk through your questions and concerns about starting your handyman business. Mike will give you the best advice he can and suggest the best place to focus your efforts to quickly start filling your day with paying jobs.


Pricing of mentoring sessions

Your first handyman business mentoring session if FREE, so you can book it now and try it our without any risk.

After that, each half hour session is charged at £38.00.

You can book as many or as few sessions as you need.

The Handyman Mentor – Ready to help you

Mike Has Over 15 Years of Experience Running His Own Handyman Business

Starting with a few tools in the back of the family car, Mike grew his handyman business from nothing.

Over the years, his reputation and client base grew steadily creating a very healthy living for him. 

Mike recently closed his business and set up this handyman mentoring service to help those who want to give it a try.


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