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After running his own successful Handyman business for over 15 years, Mike is now retiring and hoping to help those who want to start their own handyman business.

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Mikes Story

The unexpected Handyman

How he went from working 10 hours a day and only just getting by, to working half days, taking long holidays and making a good living.


Mike never intended to run a handyman business.

When redundancy left him out of work back in 2003, Mike decided to run his own business rather than to look for further employment.

He had an idea of what he wanted to do and spent his time trying to make it happen. It was slow going and hard work. He really was not making much progress at all.

Then the redundancy money ran out.

The need to earn money

Mike knew that he could do simple handyman style jobs for folks, so he made up some adverts on postcards and put them into local shop windows.

The first job came quicker than he ever expected

Mike got his first phone call just a few days after putting up the first shop window ad.

Quickly it became clear that there was plenty of demand out there, and it was relatively easy to make money doing smaller jobs.

Mike decided to focus his effort into building his handyman business.

Fifteen years later

Fifteen years later, now approaching 64, he is closing his business having done very nicely out of handyman work.

He leaves behind many long-standing customers who are hugely disappointed that he will no longer be around to help them out with their many and varied jobs. 

Mike with handyman van

Mike with trusty van

Flat pack book shelves made into a library

A handyman job - making simple flat pack shelves look like something better.

Getting started wasn’t easy

It was hard work to get things running properly once the work started pouring in. While actually doing the jobs was straightforward, writing estimates, advertising, doing the books, buying the tools and materials, returning phone calls, keeping appointments and sending invoices all  conspired to make a very busy and tiring day.

Mike didn’t know how to run a business

It seemed all too easy when he was working as a member of a big company, but in reality, running a business was not easy at all.

It took him quite a while for him to realise that that he didn’t have a clue how to run a business.

As time went by, he learned to do things better. He learned that getting paid and making a decent profit are two entirely different things.

In the early days, he was working probably 8 to 10 hours a day during the week and then using the weekend to catch up on admin.

As things close down

Looking back on the last few years, Mike had reduced his working day to maybe four or five hours, perhaps finishing around 1 or 2pm. 

He had also chosen to take the whole of December off as a holiday, in addition to other holidays taken during the year.

And was still earning enough for a decent life style.



Helping Others

It took Mike a long time to get things going properly and efficiently

In the light of the covid-19 outbreak and the forcast of many people being out of work as a result of it, Mike hopes that he can help some of those to generate new opportunities for themselves – however unexpected a direction that might seem. He hopes to be able to to smooth the road and help new handyman talent to make a decent living in a relatively short space of time.


Hanging curtains and blinds - a routine handyman job.

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