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Helping you to create your first advertising as you start up your own Handyman Business.

Advertising Support Services

Assistance, Guidance, and Advice with your business startup advertising

Advertising Assistance

If you have never created an advert before it can be a hugely time consuming job – especially if you are not familar with the tools you will need to use.

During coaching sessions your handyman mentor can help you to develop your own ads, or if you wish, can make them for you. 

Some of your choices in creating your ads

  • Do it all yourself.
  • Ask and Artist to design it.
  • Go to an advertising agency.
  • Ask your handyman mentor for a bit of help.

Advertising creation assistance from the handyman mentor

Any advertising assistance given during a mentoring session is covered by the cost of the session.

If you need Mike’s help outside of the mentoring session, then it will be charged according to what you want. 

Creating an advert doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. This is the first advert that Mike made up to put into the local shop window around where he lives.

It was made on a word processor and printed onto postcards.

This advert did it’s job very well, and within days, calls were coming in.



Handyman newspaper advertisement

Advertising in a local newspaper is perhaps a useful thing to do. This is an example of a small newspaper advert that Mike used in his early days in business. 

No frills, just a simple message.

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