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Every serious business eventually needs a website. 

If you are not technically minded, creating a website can be difficult and time consuming – perhaps not the best use of time as you are starting your own handyman business.

There are many ways you might choose to go. Mike can help you to pick the right route for you, or if you wish he can create a website for you.

The big advantage of having your own handyman website

A website is a great form of advertising for your business. The good thing about a website is that once it has been created, it is there for folks to see at exactly the time they are looking for your handyman services.

Once it’s established, a good handyman website can generate a steady supply of new potential clients year after year.

Things to consider

When to start

While it’s quicker and easier to start you advertising effort with leaflets, the earlier you can get the website project started, the sooner it will be bringing you new clients.

Two routes to getting the job done

1. You can hire someone to build it for you.

2. You can build it yourself.

Your first task

Whatever route you choose, YOU will need to decide what you sant to say about you and your new handyman business.

While others can help you to develop your ideas and the wording, if you don’t know what you want, nobody will be able to properly help you.

Time and Money

Building you handyman website is going to be a big job. It takes loner than you would thing, and will probably cost more than you might imagine.

In the longer term however, it should be well worth the investment of both your time and your money.


If you have never thought about websites before, then there are some phrases that you will need to be aware of:


Your website will need its unique address on the web. This is known as the domain name or URL. Your new handyman business deserves it’s own domain name that properly reflects your business. You can also then use it for your business emails. 

It’s far more professional looking than a gmail or yahoo address.


Your website has to live somewhere. A hosting company will run it on their servers and ensure it is available when someone wants to look at it.


This is Search Engine Optimisation. This process is to help your website get seen when a potential client is looking for services like your. If you don’t get your SEO right, then your site may remain virtually invisible.

Where your money goes



Initial Costs

The purchase of your domain name, and the set up of your hosting contract. These two links can give you an idea of what these might be. Web Hosting, Domain Name 

Obviously, there are hundreds of other companies out there who can offer the same services.

Development of website style and content. This can easily rise into thousands of pounds depending on what you want and who you ask to do it.

SEO can cost a small fortune from the big SEO companies who will bombard you with terminology and clever sounding stuff. However, be careful of getting drawn into expensive contract that you really don’t need. SEO for a handyman website is not rocket science.

Ongoing Costs

Domain renewal and hosting contracts are typically renewed every year.

It’s worth reviewing SEO from time to time, but for a handyman website it’s not something that has to be done every month.

Cost verses Investment

While costs might seem high at first sight, you are creating an advertising tool what over the years will bring you work that will be worth many many time more than the costs of setting up and running the site. 

It’s most helpful to see it as an investment in your future business success.

How to build your handyman website


The DIY route

There are numerous companies that offer you the possibility of building you own website very quickly and easily using their “easy self build” tools. Some even offer free options. Sounds good doesn’t it! Take a look at some for yourself at

Be warned however that “free” is not necessarily as good as it might sound, and “easy” is not necessarily easy for everyone.

If you know exactly what you want to say on your site that’s a really good start. Remember however that you also need to consider the SEO. It’s no good having I nice website that nobody can find.

Unless you are already familiar will all aspects of the technology and the process necessary to build your website, then you can easily find that the job becomes hugely time consuming and frustrating. It will probably make more sense to use low tech advertising first and start filling you days with paying work – get the website project just as soon as you can afterwards.


Hire a website professional

There are thousands of technicians and designers out there who can build your website for you. As with hiring any professional service, you need to make sure you are getting value for money and not being sucked into spending more on things you don’t really need.

It’s always good to talk to more than one designer, and get more than one quote. Some will want to build you a corporate megasite, and some will be happy to do just what you want.

Be aware that many professional wesite designers are looking for ongoing income so will perhaps try to sell you a whole package of hosting, seo and regular maintenance. While there is nothing wrong with this in itself, do be wary, it can make life difficult in the future when you want to change your arrangements.

Ask Mike for some help

How Mike can help you to build your handyman website


Previous website building experience

Mike has been building websites since they first became popular around 25 years ago. He can certainly help you to build your handyman website.

His knowledge of running his own handyman website and getting it to be shown on the first page of google puts him in an excellent position to help you achieve the same outcome.

Take a look at the site he created for his own handyman business.


Mike's approach to website building

Mike sets out to offer as much or as little help as you need, from perhaps helping you to selec a suitable domain name, to putting together the whole site for you.

Putting you in control

Should you want him to create the whole site for you, then Mike will aim to put you very firmly in charge. As time goes on and when you are ready, you can take over and look after things for yourself.

There are two good reasons for this:

1. If you want to make changes to your site, your hosting contract or anything else, nobody is going to get in your way. 

2. If Mike is suddenly unavailable, you have everything to hand to find somebody else to help you. You’ll have total access and not suddenly find that your site is stuck and you can’t get to it.

Pricing for web services

Help that Mike gives you during mentoring sessions is covered by the regular mentoring fee.

If you want Mike to work on any aspect of your website outside of any mentoring sessions then pricing will be set according to the job you want doing.

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