What does a handyman do?


There is a virtually endless list of jobs that a handyman might be asked to do.

A handyman might be asked to do a huge range of jobs.

Remember that it’s your business.

It’s best that choose to do the jobs you can do well.

You don’t have to do it all.

Jobs fall very roughly into three groups…

Routine, every-day jobs

New houses usually come without fittings of any sort so if you have new housing estates close by, you are likely to get numerous calls from people wanting curtains, blinds, pictures, bathroom fittings and many other kinds of routine jobs done.

There is also a steady stream of routine work coming from other kinds of properties.

Regular but less frequent jobs

Every time the wind blows hard people will call to get their shed roof repaired, or their fence put back together again.

There will occasionally be calls to put up extra handrails, fit sliding wardrobe doors and many other things that most other trades would not be interested to do.

One-Offs – jobs that will probably not be repeated

There is no telling what a customer might ask you to do for them. They will look for a handyman because they don’t know who else to turn to.

One thing for sure is that every day can be different.


Above are just a few example of things that folks have asked for.

As you start you handyman business, you will get asked to do many simple and routine things as well as many odd and unsual things.

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